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Reference layout drawings

A set of SPS layout drawings is maintained, according to :

  • the changes operated to the machine;
  • the modification / clarification requests from the users;
  • all improvements deemed necessary by the SPS Coordinator or the TS/MME Design Office
List of reference layout drawings (rev. Nov 2009) document EDMS 768 086 (MS Excel & Acrobat)
SPS 18 kV electrical network - stable & pulsed loops CDD document SPSEM___0003
SPS pulsed distribution - BE & compensators CDD document SPSEM___0009
Point 2 TI2 18 kV distribution CDD document LHCEM___2001
Point 8 TI8 18 kV distribution CDD document LHCEM___8001

All SPS layout drawings are available in CDD (CERN Drawing Directory server).

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